Laura Flight Personal Trainer

My fitness training and dance background have helped me develop my unique style of fitness training. My personal training sessions are individually tailored to help you train effectively towards your goals, I'll make sure you smile and have fun at the same time!

I will pay close attention to your exercise technique, workout routine and nutrition plan. I will provide supprt and guidance and will be available for regular contact to keep you on track.

I have helped many clients over the years and I am confident that regardless of your age, shape or experience I will be able to help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness while transforming your body shape.

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Why Choose Me?

My one on one private training sessions are effective. I will produce rapid, goal specific results. There isn’t a machine in the gym or workout DVD you can buy that can replicate what a talented, qualified, experienced personal trainer can do, regardless of your goals. I work Indvidually- for you.

You and I will have time to get to know each other, building a friendship and trust. Not only will this provide me with a clearer understanding of how you and your body work best, but more important, than anything else in the client/trainer relationship is the ability to work together cohesively, towards your goal. If you don't like your successful could you be?

No two Personal trainers are created equal, I combine my knowledge of all aspects of the fitness Industry and Dance industry to really sculpt and define the body.

Why choose me instead of another trainer for one-on-one sessions? I could list a number of things. But the one thing I do, and most trainers do not is…I guarantee results through positivity and hard work.

CONTACT ME today to set up your FREE consultation, and we can start sculpting the new you!

>>..10 reasons to choose me as your personal trainer!

The Plank

Basic plank -

Start on elbows and knees, locking hands together. Straighten legs and raise your body so that you're supported by the balls of your feet, with feet hip-distance apart. Face the floor, being careful not to arch your back or stick your bottom in the air. Hold this position for 45 seconds to begin with, extending the time as you get stronger.

Technique Counts:

Elbows must be placed directly beneath your shoulders,Weight should be distributed directly beneath your upper arms, under the elbows, Shoulders must be packed down on the ribcage, The spine should be lengthened in equal opposite directions. Lift your head away from your shoulders, lengthening your neck, Activate the core musculature with a gentle contraction while also contracting the glute muscles, balancing on your ball of feet, drive them backwards into the ground,