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10 Reasons to Have Personal Training! (with me)

1) I will teach you new things:

You get a more in depth coaching 1 on 1 this helps perfect your form and prevents injury

2) I’ll give you an objective eye:

If you have areas of your body you’d like to work on, I can tell you realistically what to expect to get there and how to optimize a session to target those specific muscle groups.

3) Its true- ill be your “therapist? !!

While were balancing, lifting or stretching you can get your problems off your chest and I’ll be there to listen- half of personal training is working on how you’re thinking too…

4) I’ll know your limits

If you think “Laura I can’t do it anymore? – I will make you do it! You WILL hold for 1 more minute or do 2 more reps!

5) I’m better than a mirror

Watching yourself is good practice when you exercise but having me there to tweak or correct you is even better for maximum results

6) I can keep count!

It seems silly, but let me be the one to keep track of how many reps or seconds left you have- counting will be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling the burn!!

7) I work with your diary

Train at any specific hour or day that works for you- on your lunch break, when you have child care, your day off or just a spare hour, I’ll work with your routine.

8) Your convenience

I can travel to you. At your home, work, friend’s house, to your park – where you want! It’s your choice of Location.

9) I hold you accountable

It’s too easy to ‘’blow off the gym? or make an excuse to your gym friend that “sorry I just can’t make it today I’m soo busy ...This has come up? BUT it will be much harder to justify any sessions missed with me!!


Its true ask anyone that trains with me! I love you looking your worst- sweaty, red faced, yucky damp hair, huffing and puffing away; it means I’m doing my job! So leave your “image? out of the session!!