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Barre Plus

barre plus

“Barre workouts have become a popular choice with celebrities such Madonna, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Zooey Deschanel … and many, many more?

What is the BarrePlus Method?

Hour long workout combining the use of a Ballet Barre, Pilates and light weights.

The Barre based fitness class oringinated in the US and has rapidly become popular in the UK because of its clear results on women’s bodies.

It’s NOT Ballet- do not panic, you don't need ballet training or experience, it’s simply based on the technique dancers use at the Ballet Barre.

Barre Pilates involves low impact but high energy repetitions. The class helps to lengthen and tone muscles, giving strength and definition to the body. Throughout the class you are continuously burning body fat, when sculpting and pulling the muscles close to the bone structure- giving you that “dancer’s body? – elongated, not bulked up muscles.

The results are incredible. The Pilates Barre plus method changes your body shape quickly, lifting and improving skin tone, muscle definition and fat loss. The spinal positions help lift the body from the rear, working your legs, bum, and your tummy. This gives you a slimmer tighter look from the front.

Ab work on both the matt and the Barre will help to whittle down your waist and stomach. The exercises are a challenge deep down into the abdominal area.

BarrePlus Pilates Method is low impact, meaning only your only body weight is used to strengthen the muscles and joints. It’s suitable for rehabilitation work, assists in injuries prevention and pregnancy.

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I am certified in BarrePlus Method with Kent’s Premier Pilates Studio, under the “Physical Mind Institute? New York.