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Are you concerned about your child’s weigh gain? Or simply want to improve their confidence in body image….Personal Training for children can have the same effect as in does for adults. It will promote safe and effective weight loss, bring a whole new confidence to the child, improve strength, flexabitily, co-ordination, and increase energy.

When it comes to exercise and fitness, children aren’t likely to think in terms of health, training,and weight loss like adults might, but instead focus on the fun involved in playing games, which is how it should be.

Ill provide a fun and interesting way in which children can improve their overall health and wellness. It will be a positive family experience with everyone involved!


While schools include fitness programs for the students, most do not provide enough time for kids toget the exercise that they need for optimal health and development.

Ideally, kids shouldget at least an hour of physical activity most days of the week, but the reality is that many kids fall short of this recommendation. Recent studies indicate that many kids get little to no exercise during their average week,instead spending much of their free time watching television or playing computer games.

Truly successful training for children includes teaching kids how to take care of their bodies,from choosing foods that provide good fuel to participating in activities that build muscle, burn fat, increase strength and endurance, and improve flexibility.


I design programmes so the children don't get bored. Giving them small goals to achieve and varying activity between indoor and outdoor. The emphasis on working with kids has tobe fun otherwise they see right through anything you try to do!! The one main difference between training children and adults is that children must not doresistance training with weights because their tendons and ligaments haven'tfully formed. Therefor the session will be based on games and challenges. What matters is that they are exercising andenjoying it! .

"Working on aone-to-one basis is a really good way to build a child's confidence,"

"Childhood obesity is such a big issue now and if children can have their self-esteem boosted and can learn the importance of structure and discipline it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives".

One – on – One

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