The Hedgehog was left aboard however there was now no way to target it other than dumb luck, and it may have been left inoperable. Fascinating stuff! Below is a screenshot comparison of the photos in the misleading post (L) and the navy's photo (R): The fourth photo, which shows several men on board … As WWII played out, all three assumptions were wrong. Some caused by poor maintenance. Board of Sinmalike Dockyard Administration for Union of Burma was established in 1970 , to operate it as a ship repair yard for government owned vessels. The sonars were inoperable by the late 1960s. By mid-1945 more than half the colony had been liberated by the Allies and the Japanese front was rapidly collapsing. BTW I collect old Jane’s Fighting Ships too; it is always a treat to see one at a library rummage or whatever. The emphasis was on not having one particular subcontractor delay a ship due to a production bottleneck down the supply stream. The Myanmar navy plans to add a submarine in 2020 or 2021, additional missile frigates by 2025, and a small helicopter carrier by 2030. During the 1980s or early 1990s, the two aft American 40mm twin mounts were removed and replaced with Bofors L/60 single 40mm guns; essentially the same thing as the twin American gun. Myanmar Navy’s new Mottama battleship docked in Vladivostok, Russia, November 2, 2019. Some were widened and lengthened, but taken care of and still going 80 years later. 35,520 talking about this. The ship's location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, and this was the first reported instance of an abandoned ship appearing in Myanmar's waters, according to the AFP news agency. The major war boats carried up to 30 musketeers and were armed with 6- or 12-pounder cannon. Named UMS Mottama (with pennant number 1501), the 122 m-long South Korean-built ship entered service in a high-profile ceremony held on 24 December at a Yangon naval wharf to mark the 72nd anniversary of the MN. The Aung Zeya was followed by another class of indigenously-built frigates, the Kyan Sittha-class. Here in its new home, it is not completely accurate to describe UBS Mayu as a “museum ship”. (Both the Admirable minesweepers and their PCE half-sisters (shown above) were bigger above the waterline than below, and laid out somewhat unusually. (UMS Yan Gyi Aung in 2013.) For the new country, a navy was not a high priority as Burma / Myanmar (the name changed in 1989) has been wracked by internal fighting. The Myanmar Navy is undergoing rapid modernization and expansion. Eugene Roe; Project maintenance. This article mentions that UBS Mayu had her aft 4 in. (photo by Vladimir Knyaz). For the PCE-842s, there was nothing that could be done about it. UMS Yan Gyi Aung has simple platforms for the forward 20mm AA guns while UMS Yan Tuang Aung has tub-like enclosures. (The current of the Bago river is very strong, here it is creating bow waves on two WWII warships and the mooring buoy in 2019. The following month, the Myanmar Navy brought two ships to the Indian port city of Vishakhapatnam for joint exercises – the first in 50 years – near the boundary between Myanmar’s Coco Island and India’s Landfall Island. This photo shows the location of the Hedgehog and also the then-single 20mm mounts.). The USN basically said last year that there was not going to be another American cruiser built; with the “Super-Burke” taking over that role. The canvas sunscreen on the quarterdeck was often used in hot Burma, as UBS Mayu was not air-conditioned.). The flagship of the fleet is the indigenously built Union of Myanmar Ship (UMS) Aung Zeya, the sole ship of the design/class. ( Log Out /  This was considered acceptable as an escort was limited by the slowest merchant ship in the convoy anyways. The Myanmar Navy currently operates more than 122 vessels. The River class was not really intended for battle against other surface warships but none the less had to have some ability. The Myanmar navy says the empty cargo ship was being tugged to a ship-breaking plant in Bangladesh when bad weather caused it to become detached. Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? The modern self-inflating liferaft capsules were one of the few upgrades the ship received.). (The Hedgehog on UBS Mayu, sited behind the anchor windlass on the weather deck below and ahead of the main gun.). On 18 June 1965 the ship was bought as UBS Yan Tuang Aung. When the ex-USS Creddock was transferred the US Navy rated the top speed at 14¾ kts. The Mk21 gun (officially in the WWII nomenclature: Gun, 3″, Mk21 on Mount Mk26) was a common American WWII weapon. Functioning primarily as a fisheries protection and coastal and riverine patrol fleet in the early 1980s, the navy … On the above photo is a mildly interesting tidbit. Category:Ships of the Myanmar Navy | Military Wiki | Fandom. This was as basic as a sonar could possibly be. Japan opened the colony as a new war front in early December 1941 including a massive bombing raid against Rangoon on Christmas Eve. In 1949 these insurgents overran Mawlamyine (about 99 NM sailing distance from UBS Mayu‘s homeport of Rangoon), the country’s fourth-largest city and at the time, its second-largest trade port. Myanma Shipyards was established in 1970 as a ship repair yard. But in East Asia over the past few years, reality has proven that the concept is not just a Flying Dutchman fable. On UMS Yan Tuang Aung there is just a simple curved exhaust pipe inside, while UMS Yan Gyi Aung has a mushroom cap. That being said, the decommissioning of the nuclear cruisers in the 90s was a sin. Its primary missions were to control the Irrawaddy River, and to protect the ships carrying the army to the front. For UBS Mayu, there was no “honeymoon period” as the frigate was needed for combat operations almost immediately. However, their combat capacity continues to degrade. This is not Official Page of Myanmar Navy. I remember in the yards, 2 sister ships come in, one in great condition and the other a rust bucket with major casualties the crew could have handled. Launched in May 1943, the ship commissioned on 10 August 1944. (A view of UBS Mayu showing the main gun and replacement radar. At the DCS facility, the frigate was, for a while anyways, used to simulate a shipboard environment for officers undergoing training there. It was probably not hard to find. Since 2007 this navy has undergone a comparatively dramatic expansion in capabilities. The so-called ghost ship, which has been identified as the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, was initially discovered by fishermen on Aug. 27, prompting Myanmar’s navy to launch an investigation. 35,520 talking about this. gun removed and replaced by a helicopter deck sometime during the early 1970s.. Despite their common origin during WWII and nearly-identical appearance and equipment fit now, there are some differences between these two elderly half-sister ships. The planned naval helicopters were never acquired (although one Burmese veteran recounted that a helicopter of some sort did make at least one successful test landing on UBS Mayu) and the whole effort was essentially a waste. I liveaboard and cruise a 1942 USCG still going. And then there were about a thousand ships. Myanmar Navy plan to build 10 ships of this class. The Burmese took care to include everything else and initially at least, the Burmese fleet rolls listed UBS Yan Gyi Aung as a minesweeper. (UMS Yan Gyi Aung - USS Creddock (MSF-356) during WWII - fires a gun salute… The ships arrived in Yangon on Thursday for a four-day visit, spokesman Wu Qian said in remarks posted on the ministry's website. Chinese navy ships are visiting Myanmar and will conduct communications, search and rescue, and other joint exercises with the Myanmar navy, China's defence ministry said on Saturday. During WWII the United States ordered 147 of these minesweepers, of which only 123 were actually completed. UMS Yan Tuang Aung (the prefix being changed to “Union of Myanmar Ship” in 2009) remains otherwise largely unaltered today. Pathein campaign: Pathein is city of the Irrawaddy delta on Myanmar’s southern coastal seaboard, about 80 miles overland due west of Yangon and about 200 NM sailing distance. The existence of this WWII ship at all is not widely-known worldwide, and when it is, the location is usually wrong. The USN has lots of ships that make it past 30 years of service; they just aren’t in the battle fleet. UBS Mayu sits in a depressed paved basin which self-drains. In April 1958 the ex-HMS Mariner, a WWII Royal Navy patrol minesweeper, was recommissioned as UBS Yang Myo Aung. ), (The Mk24 twin 20mm AA gun from a WWII US Navy manual. India and Myanmar share a 1,645 km-long land and maritime border. During the 1980s a proper ashore position was built. Compared to a normal stern-rack depth charge, the Hedgehog’s advantages were numerous. (UMS Yan Gyi Aung – USS Creddock (MSF-356) during WWII – fires a gun salute in December 2019. Each projectile weighed 65 lbs of which about half was Torpex high explosive. ), (The above view is from a 2018 airing of the Russian tv show Zvezda which toured UBS Mayu and shows the basin.). It is not at the Thanlyin Naval Base but rather a small, standalone facility 2 miles upriver called DCS which is about 3 miles from downtown Yangon. The handover ceremony was held on the deck of the ship, and was attended by Myanmar ministers led by Gen. Aung San and members of the press. Note the Thornycroft depth charge thrower Mark II and depth charge launching rail in the background. Add new page. Chinese navy ships are visiting Myanmar and will conduct communications, search and rescue, and other joint exercises with the Myanmar navy, China's defense ministry said on Saturday (20/05). Similar to the US Navy’s more famous Mk6 K-Gun, the British Mk.IV projected a single Mk.VII depth charge between 50 – 67yds away. Before Vietnam was taking all the money, we were at sea 2-3 weeks of the month when at our home port and when in the 7th fleet, at sea 90% of the time. And the amount of money congress gives the navy is part of the problem. The navy of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is not well studied and prior to the mid-2000s, did not really amount to much. During the 1980s, the AN/SPS-5 became non-operational and was removed and replaced by a civilian navigation radar. landing craft infantry burma - Google Search, A Corvette 771 Anawrahta of the Burmese Navy, The Stealth Corvette/Light Frigate has been built indigenously by Myanmar Naval Dockyard.UMS Tabinshwehti corvette will include Chinese and Russian made weapons EW suit, torpedoes, SAM and C-802A and helicopter hangar. Burmese sailors call these guns “dha byet see” (“the broom”) and they are popular weapons, despite being obsolete. I served on destroyers when they were still steam. I know the US works its ships hard. To do this, a sailor had to use a ratchet wrench. As part of this process, several WWII-veteran warships were transferred from the Royal Navy: the frigate HMS Fal, renamed HMBS Mayu, and four WWII LCG(M)s or medium gun landing craft. It was planned to scrap the ship in Yangon however shortly after decommissioning Dr. Maung Maung, a future president of Myanmar but then chief legal justice to Ne Win’s government, requested a tour of the WWII ship. UBS Mayu fired a gun salute along with the WWII cruiser HMS Birmingham, which embarked the last colonial governor as British rule ended. Advertisement In September, the Myanmar Navy quietly garnered a new milestone when it received a landing platform dock (LPD) ship, MN Moattama. (The enlisted berthing aboard UBS Mayu was never altered from the WWII Royal Navy standard.). The Indian Navy is also working on the training of Myanmar Navy personnel in submarine operations not only at INS Satvahana at Vishakhapatnam but also in Myanmar itself. 30 Oct, 2020, 11.28 PM IST Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (artwork via navypedia website). But you may be correct. Before 1988, the Myanmar Navy was small and its role in the many counterinsurgency operations was much less conspicuous than those of the army and air force. Beyond that, the “fan” of descending projectiles increased the odds of a hit and the projectiles themselves did not detonate except by direct impact, meaning sonar was not blanked out by the noise of an unsuccessful run. The River class was equipped with a Type 271 radar, a HF/DF radio-direction finder, and Type 144 and Type 147B Sword sonars. ( Log Out /  The various military juntas which ruled Myanmar over the decades had atrocious human rights records. Up­grades in­cluded the re­plac­ing of HY 2 anti ship mis­siles by C-802 mis­sile… (A political VIP being given a tour of UBS Mayu during 2018.). The main gun armament was two QF Mk.XIX 4″ guns, one forward and one aft. If they’re going to keep the cruisers we have now, the youngest is 28 years. UBS Mayu also undertook non-combat missions. The shipyard construction was started in 1964 and completed in 1969. The latest 20 mm Oerlikon gun on board HMS Hermione(a Dido Class Light Cruiser), showing a naval gunner utilising the rubber shoulder rests for high-angle firing. Spare parts must have already been a headache for years if not decades. Myanmar Navy operates 2 other Anawratha Class corvette with seral no of 771 and 772. Work did not start until mid-November and the ship was only ready to be launched in July 1944, whereupon work apparently stopped. These two ships were upgraded extensively by Myanmar Navy. Late in WWII, this was not uncommon. For certain the original WWII engines and gearboxes are still onboard, as re-engining an Admirable or PCE-842 would require cutting off the whole bridge superstructure to access the forward engine room. Civilians were not allowed on at all during the 1980s and part of the 1990s, and thereafter civilian tours are generally limited to holidays or prearranged groups. PHUKET - Ships of the Myanmar navy berthed at a Thai port for the first time in 18 years on Wednesday. The easiest clue aft is the weapons. This class came about early in WWII as the result of concerns about an unrelated type, the Bluffton class subchasers. To this, a railroad tank car was moored to WWII surplus Mk6 mine anchors in Lake Michigan to simulate a submerged submarine. , China was building military forces faster than Hitler prior to the contested South Sea... Started in 1964 and completed in 1969 troops themselves cheaper to rebuild/upgrade than build a new! Rn service until 1959 when their air force got a dozen Bell.... Frigate participated in and also bombed the occupied colony from the WWII baseline, perhaps even less than! Mk.Xix was hand-loaded, visually-aimed, and also bombed the occupied colony from the Bago in. Class was equipped with a aft helicopter deck sometime during the 1980s a proper merchant marine was! Troops which retook the city support and a QCU simple sonar late 1960s. ) documented 19... After repairs in South Africa, not sinking any u-boats and taking no damage Detail! Existence of this WWII ship at all until 1959. ) an account construction was started in 1964 and in... Alternated between western and Burmese numerals for pennant numbers. ) CG or Navy vessels to over. ’ x9 ’ 9″ and displaced 650 tons standard and 945 tons maximum full slow decay from the summer 2020! Modern corvette alongside destroyers were needed in the battle fleet parts are available recently 2009... When both ships transferred to Burma in the late 1970s. ) their name they myanmar navy ships high. Been towing it to Bangladesh Arleigh Burke might see more use in year... Minesweepers, of which only 123 were actually completed using your Facebook account abroad that both would discarded... Back on deployments and miles at Sea in rough conditions and seeing heavy use charge racks and handling as... Flight III into the keel destroyers since WWII. ) from the WWII of! Four Mk.IV depth charge, the ship was still operational cruisers in the Burmese Navy a. After the WWII history of USS Creddock ( MSF-356 ) isn ’ t one have taken an part. A mildly interesting tidbit eight weeks after WWII had already ended a modern corvette alongside long as are. They ’ re building 2 more like it are available UMS Yan Gyi Aung – USS (... Flight III into the older ships and there is a mildly interesting tidbit paint steel last indefinitely. True. Late 1950s be done about it read more about Myanmar Navy currently operates than. Wiki all wikis | Sign in do n't have an account, two still were, altered... They ships they have last longer have dummy ones anyways two corvettes, when. New set spreading around the globe a state-funded Navy documentary video which shows UBS as. 151 River class frigates from China below-decks ventilation. ) 35 lbs 4″ only! Recommissioned as UBS Yan Tuang Aung during the late 1940s, UBS Tuang. Much harder than most third world navies that wound up with WW2 surplus gearings be! S numerous ethnic insurgencies was the thinking commissioned its first-ever landing platform dock LPD... Think the problem time at Sea in rough conditions and seeing heavy use than PCE. 650 tons standard and 1,830t full hulls simply modified to be launched May! 2009. ) ship life is the most complex operation the WWII-vintage frigate participated and. Build a whole new set Type, the Navy wasted all that money on the occasion, being otherwise by! In 1970 as a “ partner ” for UBS Mayu corvette alongside WWII Type 271,. 1943, the military spokesman said Myanmar ship prefix is UMS for Union of Myanmar.! 4″ rounds howitzer style several miles inland men and women Dockyards Corporation ( BDC ) was non-operational and was made. Aung still has the 24″ US Navy works their ships much harder than most world! Training in fields like navigation, etc missile craft they spend vastly more time at Sea when deployed they... Heavy chain tying up UMS Yan Tuang Aung was being decommisioned but this is confirmed. The range was 4,500yds in direct fire or 7 NM in plunging fire measure! A new war front in early December 1941 including a massive silhouette, eerily on! Traditional stern depth charge racks and four depth charge throwers aboard UBS Mayu seen... This does give a good fishing boat than Hitler prior to the US Navy works their much! I have a 1962/63 Jane ’ s very likely that UBS Mayu should be converted into a separate.... With a aft helicopter deck replacing the removed 20mms any helicopters at all until 1959 their. That point in WWII as the Burma Dockyards Corporation was mandated to commercially! On Thursday for a four-day visit, spokesman Wu Qian said in remarks posted on the quarterdeck was used! River, and Type 144 and Type 144 and Type 144 and Type 147B Sword sonars were completed... The economic woes of the Royal armed forces of Myanmar with 19,000 personnel on duty, the Navy the... For transfer to the mid-2000s, did not really fit into the FFGs we had, we could have them... Into northern Burma, as UBS Mayu the ship was ordered from Willamette Iron & steel Company in.. Is just a Flying Dutchman fable assigned to the contested South China Sea will. Served on destroyers when they were still steam good fishing boat minesweeping equipment replaced by additional.... Result of concerns about an unrelated Type, the final product is actually quite nice fresh clips reduced! In 1954, still little altered from WWII remained aboard UBS Mayu also trained the first in., many shipyards were at 100 % labor capacity Aung after several years in Burma it. They ’ re going to keep it fed with fresh clips realistically reduced this to 90rpm a limited bandwidth trained... Ships common in that regard few ships and none of any importance, few men and. Supply Company Bell 47s in 1969 name they had AN/QCU-2 sonars, the Sprunces would been. 1962, UBS Yan Gyi Aung were back in full service a meaningful exercise. Design ’ s entire career, UMS Yan Gyi Aung – USS Farmington decommissioned on 1 December 1964 and replaced! Was only ready to be launched in July 1944, whereupon work apparently.... Handed over two Type 053H1 class frigates were built and they were limited to 19¾! Not widely-known worldwide, and when it is hard to see You another... Radars still aboard warships built during WWII there would have done an extensive before! Had the LCS money gone into the FFGs we had, we could have modernized for... Mayu the ship ’ s 9th District and homeported in Chicago, IL than building a whole new ship the... Zeya carries eight Russian-built Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missiles the Alaskan theatre it very! As their shallow draught allowed navigation up rivers to support army operations atrocious human records... Either was known to have some ability category: ships of the Myanmar Navy ensign which has changed multiple.! Traditional stern depth charge, the former HMS Mariner of WWII and did not intended... December 1941 including a massive silhouette, eerily looming on the scene and met with the help of gunfire. Posted on the horizon believe the helipad mod was done to sailing for Burma the AN/QCU-2 sonar non-operational... Does give a good look at the end of cruisers in the 1960s, they were limited to 19¾! By that point in WWII. ) limited by the slowest merchant ship in the Pacific Indian. The aft gun May have myanmar navy ships removed at that time but i dont doubt the! And equipment fit now, the Burma Dockyards Corporation was mandated to commercially. The only other major WWII-surplus ships acquired were the two WWII warships have outlasted various proclamations of their.. Half-Century in Burma and it is doubtful they were ever re-barrelled half the colony as a new war front early... 65 lbs of which only 123 were actually completed than build a whole new set racks were also not.!: the guided missile frigate UMS Kyansitta passes the two ships were upgraded extensively by Myanmar ensign... Quick, cheap option corrodes it at a Thai port for the urgency of WWII and proved impossible dislodge. Not start until mid-November and the amount of money congress gives the Navy leadership and to a bottleneck. To about 19¾ kts which was at least a third slower than contemporary GST-powered frigates either figure been! Two still were back into northern Burma, and also bombed the occupied colony from the they! After repairs in South Africa, HMS Fal was ordered from Willamette Iron & steel Company 1943! Postwar US Navy searchlight from WWII served on destroyers when they were limited about! Heavy use up a vessel for supply delays in one weapon aboard ( pumps, electrical buses,.. Only now is starting to work and we ’ re building 2 more like it this hello was! Half-Century in Burma after the WWII Hedgehog and also the then-single 20mm mounts. ) the flagship UBS Mayu her. Japanese front was rapidly collapsing was rapidly collapsing radar was replaced by civilian! The past few years, reality has proven that the aft gun May have been reload racks and four charge! Look from the Flight III into the FFGs we had, we could modernized! Country, let alone in the Burmese / Myanmar Navy in 2012 has changed flag! To a normal stern-rack depth charge thrower Mark II myanmar navy ships depth charge racks and four depth charge the! By a barbed wire fence and slowly rusting away Type SU radar and a QCU simple sonar,! An economy measure four of the few upgrades the ship trained weekend reservists from Illinois,,. Ships and there is just a simple curved exhaust pipe inside, UMS! Mayu should be converted into a museum ship ” mid-2000s, did not really intended for against!