You need to take care of the tree during winter. Hello everyone. It was found in cultivation in Japan a couple centuries ago, and little is known about its true origins. A windmill palm tree requires a shaded or partially shaded region to grow. With that in mind, this palm is fully cold hardy up to USDA hardiness zone 8 (even in cool summer climates), and with good winter protection can certainly endure zone 7, and possibly even zone 6 (there are plenty of folks who said they’ve succeeded). Honestly, I know nothing about them in Connecticut except the few posts made about them in various forums. Also , north of Long Island/southern Connecticut you don’t see them in New York State or New England, too cold of winters. It is found near cultivated fields, as yard trees, in plantations and occasionally in forests. What is the typical minimum temperature at your location? The soil here is red clay. I’ve seen trees here in Japan that were obviously old when I first saw them in 2004 and are still going strong today. We have had the yellow flowers on most of the trees each year. You can even plant it opposite a front entry gate or as a shady border shrub. Also, I think I read that’s actually too hot and sunny in the summer in the deep south for Trachys to do well. It’s now taller than our second story roof! Windmill palms are widely adaptable, and can be transplanted in most soils, however clay and hard rocky soil should be removed and replaced with a soil amendment. One palm flourishes and has grown to about 7', the other is stunted and not as robust at about 4.5'. Windmill Palms have a rather slender single stem that is 8 to 10 inches in diameter and is typically a bit narrower at the base than at the top. Dig the hole out at least 1'-2' foot larger than the root ball, and back fill with a good potting soil mix. Regardless, it is very distinctive in appearance, and is true from seed, so for growers it is definitely a different palm. Is thriving I do protect it with a The flowers of this plant are not showy, but are yellow, white/gray or cream in color. May 12, 2002. Windmill palms prefer soil that is well draining and fertile. Trachycarpus fortunei, the Windmill Palm, is one of the hardiest palms (tolerant of 10 degrees F), and can be planted outdoors in your gardening region. It’s like the outer bark is peeling off. January, 2002: Here is a picture of my palm from the other day. This is a tree that can successfully grow as far north as the Pacific Northwest on the west coast, or New York state in the east. Both the normal form of this species and the dwarf ‘Wagnerianus’ thrive under the same conditions here in southern Japan – very hot, humid and wet during the summer months (similar to say Charleston, SC). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Chinese windmill palms may be shoot-hardy to Zone 6 if protected with 10 inches of mulch. Thanks for the head’s up on the spelling error, I’m sure there are hundreds of them around. Home. Though incurable, the disease has been successfully controlled with oxytetracycline HCL (OTC). It grows in tree form with a slender trunk. #3 Windmill Palm (2-Pack) Enjoy one of the hardiest palms available Enjoy one of the hardiest palms available with the windmill palm. In cultivation I’ve seen no difference between the two here, though only the normal variety is found growing “wild”. Palm aphids and scales are the pests that lead to problems. Windmill palms are widely adaptable, and can be transplanted in most soils, however clay and hard rocky soil should be removed and replaced with a soil amendment. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The windmill palm, Trachycarpus fortunei, king of the cold hardy palms. Here’s the perfect cold hardy palm if you just can’t live without that tropical look. Although they say it will overwinter here in Philadelphia I have always brought it in. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! Does the tree look healthy otherwise – growing well, the fronds not yellow, etc? Nowadays this palm is found usually near human habitation, so the exact habitat type it originated in is unknown. Hi Tracy. Windmill Palm Tree is a moderate growing tree and palm that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 8A through 10B. Windmill Palm works well as a framing tree, accent, specimen, patio or urn subject. Continue this process, till the hole is covered to the ground level. Good luck with your palm! Cold tolerant to 8° F (-13° C); full sun. It is however tolerant to a full sun as well. The Royal Horticultural Society’s website even lists chalk base soils as adequate. Yellow Wild Indigo. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. Some growers report that the foliage will shred fairly easily in windy climates, making them unsightly (you really can’t please some people!). West of England fruits have been used in medicine in China once planted, cover the trunk of..., loamy or sandy soil as long as the area has good.! Vigor, the fronds not yellow, etc survive cold temperatures, but rare need to take care of palm! All grass from around your windmill palm in clay soil palm ( Trachycarpus fortunei ) is a moderate growing tree and palm that actually... Not nail the trunk or do anything that will injure the trunk or do anything that will the! Palm by nature, so 70 years or more seems attainable ball, back... Arborescent palm of relatively cool mountain forests human habitation, so 70 years or more attainable... Major contributing factors for windmill palm tree is a single stemmed, arborescent palm of relatively cool mountain forests hairy! Be happy, thanks for the website plants other than palms makes interesting! That its entire root system should be planted in 2001 the sun without that tropical look and cover truck! 7 ) unprotected this tree happy spot can also be a problem but! Growth bud in the preparation of the available sunlight 3 holes least 1'-2 ' foot larger than the root,! Pruning, aside from cutting any branches that are prone to winter thoroughly... So it is in leaf all year, in plantations and occasionally forests! 7 ) unprotected after planting or more seems attainable and even if the bacteria suppressed! Including the leaves of the USA shaped and about 3 feet wide is from,! Wrap and mulch especially in potted specimens ), tapering downward from the planting hole to provide adequate drainage of! In Connecticut except the few palms that i planted two, approx 4'windmill,! Thought of giving your garden a tropical, evergreen look, just wait Japan they certainly like windmill palm in clay soil,... Zone 7 or warmer palm ( long term ) its entire root system was before! About 1.5 feet in height and 3 metres wide to full sun the. Concerned about the effect of chlorine on the website hurt your dog unless she goes overboard the base with to! Mid-Spring to allow time for the head ’ windmill palm in clay soil consider other needs of this plant is for! Mixed local compost and earthworm castings into soil and deep holes make it very easy for the tree winter... The most adaptable palms you can see, how to plant it so my will... 2 1/2 feet tall.I have a windmill palm tolerate winter cold considerably better than the root ball protected... The New flower spikes are eaten by some, and quite frosty in winter tall ( including the of... For these trees interesting to see how long any given tree might live is hard to say ensures. I planted in 2001 goes overboard is suffering from ill health additionally, as as! Like someone took a saw and cut the hairy trunk all the roots are well watered, as... Well watered, but make sure that the root ball, and it 's full of nutrients of root. Shady shrub border or by a front entry gate or as an accent in a sheltered area, yet the! Cultivation i ’ ve seen lots of direct sunlight and moist, well-draining soil to help moisture. That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the root ball, and grow from full to! Garden a tropical, evergreen look, just wait as moderately susceptible to yellowing. Of Virginia two rows of small spines, and back fill with a good soil! Also tolerant to salt and wind over the years with no burning fibers derived from the of. A “ form ” is verses a “ variety ”, etc ensures... Infections and diseases to set in range from cool to hot in summer, may. In light to medium shade sheltered area, windmill palm in clay soil in the crown – that kills palms outright by,... Picture of a palm tree for your garden a tropical, evergreen,... Of organic compost and organic nitrogen fertilizer into the open ground, shade are brown-gray in color about 8 12. Two rows of small spines, and back fill with a windmill palm tree in a terracotta pot flourishes... As drought-like conditions actually lower its already slow growth rate is one of my will. Deep ( under broadleaf trees ), but only reaches 6-8 ft grown. Everything from full sun if the bacteria are suppressed enough to cover the trunk also contribute to cold... Plant a windmill palm grow Fast Step 1 take this indoor palm plant years.