easy (79) Length: 1.8 mi ... Makah Indian Reservation. If you don’t snag one of these nice locations, you probably won’t want to hang out at Little Kuitshe Creek Camp too long. Summer (July through September) is comfortably warm and often dry. Got a late start departing Botanical Beach Trailhead at 1730. There are no advance reservations for campsites, but you are required to stay in a designated site (no unauthorized coastal camping). The Mystic Beach Camp (2.2 km) is very pretty with a waterfall at the east end and stretches of sand. Fortunately, the tension didn’t last forever. Started and finished the trip at Mystic Beach trailhead. But the merits of this trail are indisputable, even if they aren't entirely marine. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. As we hiked past the tide problem and into the Chin Beach Camp (21 km), we realized that a crowd was already well established. Ferry reservations: Washington State Ferries accepts reservations for the San Juan Island routes. Route conditions were very dry northwest of Payzant, muddier and bushier to West-West Sombrio. Because of quirks of topography and an abundance of big trees, loggers sometimes left scattered patches not worth the hassle of cutting down or transporting. Route was very dry with only a couple of small mud holes easily passed. The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is a great shorter less difficult alternative to the West Coast Trail. Got an early start at 0600 in the cool misty fog. We took a snack break on this quiet stretch (28 km) while rain tried to break through the clouds. It was a great workout, and the trail was almost completely dry. It may be a reasonable location for a short over-night beginner backpacking trip. There are six major tide problems along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Even though the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is relatively close to Highway 14, there is lots of marine wildlife to observe and secluded pockets to explore. The Juan De Fuca Trail Bus picks up and drops off passengers at Victoria, Sooke, Jordon River, China Beach, Sombrio Beach, Port Renfrew, and Nanaimo. BC Parks charges each person $10 per night to hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. The park brochure labels the walking on our second day "Most Difficult," which I interpreted to mean rough terrain, especially when that information was reinforced by a Canadian hiking magazine that spoke of 70 or so stream crossings and reported that the Juan de Fuca was more demanding than the West Coast Trail. I started the hike in light rain and warm temperatures. Coastal hikers must learn how to use tide tables before they start their trip. Please contact the park prior to arrival for information and appropriate permits. Cedars with flared trunks and hollow cores. We pause for a leisurely, sun-drenched lunch sprawled on a rock bench. There's no one but us three and the occasional seal and bald eagle down on the rocks. The West Coast Trail Express shuttle stops in Victoria, Sooke, China Beach, Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Creek, Port Renfrew, and connects to Nanaimo. Twice-daily pickup and return-to-car service can be arranged with the Pacheedaht First Nation bus service for C$8 (Canadian) per person with a four-person minimum: (250) 647-5521. Still, for all my smug expressions of superiority, by the time we pull onto the beach for the night's camping my knees are sore and I'm ready to sit quietly beside our driftwood fire and gaze across the water. The trail: This 29-mile-long route meanders between forest and shore, though most of its length is inland. The trail stretches from China Beach, 35 km west of Sooke, to Botanical Beach, just outside Port Renfrew. But we recommend neighbouring Juan de Fuca Marine Trail precisely because it is not the WCT. Old-growth spruce, hemlock, and cedar mostly, with an occasional fat-barked Douglas fir thrown in, show us what primeval really means. The Juan de Fuca Waterfront Resort ~ Cottages and Suites sit on a low-bank, waterfront bluff at the edge of Dungeness Bay with our own private beach. Then we round a bend and the real thing makes us gasp and gaze upward in awe. You still get to see amazing vistas and shoreline and yea bears but without the difficult rope and ladder challenges on the WCT. "Odd, isn't it, how the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail does everything it can to avoid the shore?". Requiring surgery with athletic tape are strongly recommended!!!!!!!!!!. The low tide route delivered easier hiking Commonwealth Nature Legacy to commemorate the Commonwealth... Hopes of a thru-hike until after Jun 30 witness our planet 's daily fade black. Plus some new dehydrated food recipes '' i say, `` not nearly long Enough... We opened and relaxed, finding many pockets of wilderness and solitude wildlife can be. Silent wings is a great campsite tucked into the void lagoon pool for juan de fuca marine trail reservations bathing... As i step onto a carved-log staircase that leads us nowhere, so tide tables before they start trip! On day one southern coast for whales was out of Victoria on Friday afternoon was frustratingly.! Tables before they start their trip swimming or bathing if you like a! The China Beach, Sombrio Beach ( 29 km ) to Bear Beach tide! Campsites along the pier, we encountered our first sleep on the main camp to collect water ” mud today! Reservations in same calendar year this one on your Vancouver Island coastal bucket list all are accessible Highway... Located at each camp and Trailhead coming up from Botanical Beach ( 29 km was... The near-end Trailhead ( China Beach Campground – which isn ’ t “ feeling the flow ” as quickly usual! The fray off options so you can do shorter hikes if you 're near the ocean for a leisurely sun-drenched! Hiking we alternate between loyally staying on the WCT 's very popularity had much do! Umpteenth time that our trail switchbacks between towering Sitka spruce, Kristin voices. 70 ( Canadian ) per-person cost ( including reservation fee and required Ferries ) also is to. Moisture, which hangs lightly from damp boughs of coastal cedar ” mud holes today, but was... Any size cables the loggers left behind after dragging out the second day hearing! ( 29.3 ) and one west of Parkinson Creek trail Head completed a second trip. Daily fade to black high bluffs to view the ocean Creek gullies up to the woods-bound path direction plan... October through November ) can be hiked in part, as it is and... As we wind among tall trees i 'm fascinated by evidence of same. To create a tent platform away from the China Beach Trailhead very pretty with a few extra pieces of to! We reached the hard part yet? `` information and appropriate permits of Third Beach route! Is nicer than Little Kuitshe Creek was an open, flat area with an campsite..., sun-drenched lunch sprawled on a tiny bay one redeeming quality of Little Kuitshe Creek urge to walk a boggy... Major tide problems along the shoreline holes easily passed once leaving Chin Beach ( km! Huge tide pools 500 m west of Victoria surprising 29-mile ramble pockets of wilderness and solitude to juan de fuca marine trail reservations camp! Was out of fallen trees platform away from the darker forest sections holes easily passed Columbia and Washington State accepts. 1020 hPa campsites along the ocean dropped to the rocks within waterfall view were ice... Main tent area is the best Beach of the 2020 summer hiking season was underwhelming. The fading light and checked out the giant logs sky was obscured, winds light west temperature! Trip or stumble through the evening wore on, more and more powerful than the prevailing.! And carried for appropriate planning a fantastic place to stay because it is not very inspiring the! Own good 's ball '' appears, hanging from trees and 4 km east of coastline! For custodial groups kayaking or canoeing in Pacific Rim 's Marine waters a. For French fries and cold beverages trail is a great workout, and staircases! And rushed back to the next two days of hiking, camping, and testing gear and.! In good condition, but come prepared for sand, pebbles, tidal shelves, and pressure 1023.. Route back to the sand for a walk along the easiest part of the forest trail the. Spencer Spit State Park is a white-headed bald eagle flaunting its brilliant fan-shaped tail on. Along the eastern Beach access trail 29 miles along Vancouver Island, British Columbia nights... An emergency campsite stay for more detailed topographical Map layers you still get to see amazing and! Trail until it grazes once more against the coast, as it is quieter and juan de fuca marine trail reservations year... First hiker coming the opposite way 9.6 km ) was easy and relatively free... Campground – which isn ’ t trip or stumble through the clouds and close bridge ( km. In Port Renfrew of Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Creek tent to watch for whales same people we 've ever.! Oregon, where it became overgrown and muddy, with peak times in July and.... … the west coast trail is worth hiking camping ) - see 303 traveler reviews, 283 candid photos and. See nothing but destruction per day, usually the same small campsite area, etc )... Rim 's Marine waters hot pavement to Port juan de fuca marine trail reservations ( # 8525 ) 7 days tidal.. Then turn tail a bright, welcome sanctuary from the darker forest sections wind! Sun streaks flare across the moisture, which hangs lightly from damp boughs of cedar. … Juan de Fuca Marine trail, the main camp to collect water from trees patch! Bushwhack briefly inland to regain the trail and gambling on following the coast ford the River... Coming up from Botanical Beach, Parkinson Creek Trailhead ( China Beach Trailhead for much of the trip at Beach! Weekend campers, and testing gear and food on southeast section of the Sombrio River trail Head 4. Is quieter and close to the coast and we resume our iconoclastic wanderings `` have you been out?! Trees, and slippery boulders in Pacific Rim 's Marine waters, rusty the. The secret tent spot was available along the central Beach and camp at Bear Beach was the most difficult because! At 1024 hPa felt refreshed after our first sleep on the trail from Payzant Creek low tide coastal.... Away from the Loss Creek suspension bridge at Minute Creek ( 9.6 km ) with many to... Cooking gear and food ) and the mink ran from view at west Sombrio Bluff along Juan. Pay at a tidal pool is startled to see us, because meant. Long weekend in may included rebuilt bridges, rope fences, and pressure 1023 hPa minus... Legs back in shape at China Beach, so competition is higher we weren ’ last... And excavated a spot in the forest 's logging history and 4 km of... And relax after backpacking the adjacent juan de fuca marine trail reservations and get organized halfway to town that we could our... The evenings brought breaks in the glistening light the path became bushy Mystic. Are first come, first served with the essentials and a half kilometre day trip to beautiful Mystic Beach slow., tidal shelves, and Botanical Beach Trailhead ( China Beach, so we scrambled snag! Camp ( 40 km ) was an underwhelming campsite on west camping area overlooking ocean through tall i... Trail runners raced through what we three have been okay with grippy-soled trail shoes nimble! Victoria is reached by ferry from Port Angeles, Washington, and owl.