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F A Q’s

(frequently Asked Questions)

1) When do I need a personal trainer?

2) How often should I train?

3) Will you put me on a diet or stop me smoking?

4) What happens in a typical session?

5) Is there a contract?

6) What happens if I cancel or miss a session?

7) Are there any other fee’s to pay?

8) How can I pay?

9) What do I need to bring to a session?

10) Do I need a big space at home to train in?

When do I need a personal trainer?

When your overweight, underweight, when your unfit, when you want to get fitter. Once you've had a baby, when your getting ready for a special occasion- perhaps a wedding or holiday. When your training becomes boring and lonely, when you get upset looking in the mirror or trying on clothes, when you dread stepping on the scales... you need a Personal Trainer when you want to!

How often should I train?

Most clients I have opt to train 2-3 times a week, this is sufficient for you to start feeling and seeing results.

Clients Can train as little (one a week) to as often, as the can manage- obviously given time, schedule and budget. Like everything you will get more out, if you put more in.

Will you put me on a diet or stop me smoking?

I, like many other Personal Trainers do not advise smoking.

In order to change an unhealthy lifestyle you have to work within first.

I will give you nutritional advice, food diary's & plans. whether you take this up, is up to you as an individual.

Having Personal Training (PT) will help you look and feel better. I guarantee that. Starting PT will make you want to treat your body correctly as a natural consequence.

What happens in a typical session?

4) Sessions usually last one hour. The training content will vary from session to session according to the client’s needs and progress. Dependant on the client, most sessions start off reviewing your food diary, followed by a weigh in and body measurements.

The session consists of a brief cardio warm up using methods discussed in your Initial Free Consultation. This will be followed by your main training programme this is made up of “compounding exercises?- meaning you engage multiple muscle groups at one time, giving you better body results. Basically- its where we wake up all those lazy muscles and kick them into action!

I incorporate my training from both fitness and dance to vary the sessions and keep it interesting. You do not need to be the “best dancer? or at all even “good? at dancing- barre work and elongating the muscle structure are all dance related methods.

Finally after the main part of the session we work on abdominal exercises to gain strength in our core (its not just about getting that 6 pack the core activation fires up those deep muscles around your tummy to support your spine and promote good posture… but yes give they give us that washboard tummy we all want!). *FACT Weak abs can lead to abnormal tilting of the pelvis, which in turn affects other muscles and joints down the kinetic chain. So, one weakness then turns into a host of problems in different parts of your body. Nobody wants a hip replacement just because they dedicated no time to Ab work!.* Flexibility can also be work on within this time. Followed by a cool down and stretching period.

Is there a contract?

5) No! The only contract is that you stay committed. If you are thinking about freezing your PT sessions or stopping a months’ notice is preferred.

What happens if I cancel or miss a session?

6) Provided 24 hours’ notice is given you do not lose a session.

Are there any other fee’s to pay?

7) No! There is no joining fee or membership fee. You pay for your training sessions only.Click Here for PRICES

How can I pay?

8) Pay up front by cheque or cash. Direct debit payments can be arranged and suspended in accordance with your absence.

What do I need to bring to a session?

9) Absolutely nothing! I will bring the equipment and resources. You should Just wear suitable clothing and footwear. Clothes that restrict movement may not be suitable for the range of activity within a session

Do I need a big space at home to train in?

10) I am asked this question the most often.. And the answer is NO. I do not need a big open space to train you in, infact just a small area in your home is perfect. If we can both stand up and lie down – its plenty of room.