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Post Pregnancy Training

Congratulations! You've had the what? After being pregnant for nine months, you now want to start exercising and getting back into those pre-pregnancy jeans?... Stop relying on the maternity trousers to keep your tummy pulled in tight!

Let me guide you through safe and effective exercises to get you feeling in better shape thanever.

When will I find the time?!

Who as a new mum can find the time to go to the gym?... exactly, it’s hard. Having me as your personal trainer I can come directly to your home as little or as often throughout the week as you like. Fit the hour training in and around you andyour baby’s routine. You can exercise ina comfortable environment, all the time knowing your baby is nearby.

I will tailor the personal training session around your goals, motivating you and encouraging you to exercise safely and effectively. Making sure we take specific exercises at asteady rate –( many post natal women without advice rush straight into a newregime and in fact do more harm than good- preventing results)

How soon is too soon? "The general rule of thumb is to head back to exercise six weeks after birth,"

Have an hour a day for ‘’you time’’ and get back to looking and feeling how you want- ab’s here you come!