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I have been a registered and qualified Spin Instructor since 2007.

Spin is by far my favourite studio class. I love the way I can push people to levels they thought they couldn’t reach. I create routines and choreograph different exercises to popular and upbeat music, whilst trying to be original and different. Spin is not just about sitting on a bike and peddling to music, it’s about working and activating different muscle groups- and pushing them to the limit while testing your endurance and stamina.

I have regular timetabled spin classes in the Tunbridge wells area.

I am available as a Freelance spin Instructor, to take and cover studio classes. Please CONTACT ME for any enquiries.


“Laura is a great personal trainer and class instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend her for spin or indeed any other style of fitness class. Laura is dynamic, fun and reliable and would make a valuable addition to any team?

“Laura is an outstanding spin instructor and offers a challenging and immensely enjoyable spin class?

“I’ve known Laura for several years through her legendary spin classes at LA Fitness. There’s no other workout like it! Her music, choreography and individual routines are most original and imaginative, and a complete workout for the whole body (and mind). Each week her passion to ensure all participants have the best, most thorough work out possible is quite infectious – and leaves the regulars coming back for more, and steadily reaching new levels of fitness.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura for a worthwhile workout, which is above all great fun!?

“Laura’s spin classes are challenging and varied. She pushes you, yells at you, but only because she wants you to do your best?

“Laura’s spin class provides an all- round work out for all areas of the body, ’not just the legs’. I wouldn’t go back each week if I didn’t feel better for doing that ¾ hour!?

“Laura has been a valid member of the teaching team for the last year During this last year I can certify that Laura is a very hard working, bubbly, polite and reliable person. Laura has the highest standards of honesty. She has always demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm in her role. She is particularly recognised for the way that she goes out of her way to help you as an individual, meet your targets and goals?